Brand Design & Strategy

Making yourself stand out is crucial when it comes to brand design in the marketing world. Becoming a unique brand can set you miles apart in the industry in establishing an identity for your business/products.

Even a highly effective marketing campaign can be brought to its knees by a thoughtless landing page, website design, or thoughtless conversion rate optimization. It’s important to have a design that coveys the value behind your brand, the dependability of the services you offer, and can subtly direct your customers to buy. The Apollo Marketing Team can build a design that tells your story in a unique way, that allows you to connect with today’s customers.

Simple design is the best design, your website is not a theme park. Your intentions as a business owner should be to build a website that swiftly directs visitors to the sale or to collect information for a future sale. We understand that as an expert in your field, you are excited about the products you sell. Most consumers will not require a complete rundown about every detail of your product. The pages of your site should ask the question “will my life be easier using this product? “, and should answer that question through the well-presented features of the product.


The Importance of Good Design

The smallest details in optimization, can often lead to the largest jumps in conversion rate


A simplistic design can be one of the biggest motivating factors in a decision to buy. Visitors can sometimes feel overwhelmed with too much information, or with a site structure that isn’t laid out with buyer intent in mind.


The content on your website should reflect the product features creatively. Users should be drawn to areas of the site where their questions can be answered. Most importantly, customers should be directed towards the sale. 


The website should load quickly on a variety of devices if the expectation is great performance. Most customers lose interest in using the site if it loads slowly.